From our patented GreenerOffice Shades of Green Rating System to our GreenerOffice Delivery Service, we have a variety of programs and initiatives in place to support our commitment to be a responsible corporation and help our suppliers and customers do the same.

The focus of our environmental programs is to limit waste, conserve energy, promote take-back programs for closed-loop recycling and minimize the use of harmful chemicals.

GreenerOffice Shades of Green

An innovative eco-rating system classifies green products according to their environmental attributes and 3rd party certified eco-labels, assigning them a Light, Mid or Dark Green shade. The products defined as "green" have one or more of the following broad environmental benefits:

  • Reduced Waste
  • Reduced Energy Use
  • Reduced Chemical Use

Light Green

For products with at least one meaningful green attribute/ecolabel.

Mid Green

For products with a high level of one or more meaningful green attributes/ecolabels.

Dark Green

For products with the highest level of one or more meaningful green attributes/ecolabels.

To learn more, view our Defining Shades Of Green chart.

Why Go Green?

Learn about how going green can benefit your bottom line.

Environmental Attributes

Learn about the icons that indicate which environmental attributes our green products possess.

Go Green

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Ink & Toner Recycling Program

Return used ink and toner cartridges to be responsibly remanufactured into new cartridges and/or disassembled and recycled.

TerraCycle Recycling Systems

Grand & Toy became the first Canadian retailer to offer a solution for recycling K-cups in partnership with TerraCycle Canada. We now provide recycling systems nationally for:

  • Coffee Capsules
  • Pens, Pencils & Markers
  • Breakroom Items
  • PPE/Safety Equipment
  • Computer Accessories
  • Mixed Office Supplies



North America's first and largest battery and cellphone stewardship program collects and recycles batteries and cell phones at no cost in Canada. For more inquiries contact OR Inquire Now and mention Grand & Toy as your office products provider.


E-Waste Pickup

Grand & Toy offers a variety of end-of life management services for electronics and data destruction.
Contact Customer Service for full details

Contact Customer Service for full details.

Print Releaf

Measure your paper footprint and forest impact & contribute to reforestation projects around the world.


Delivering More, Driving Less

In a world where every choice has an environmental impact, reducing the number of small and frequent deliveries, drastically improving fuel efficiency, optimizing routes and order packaging is a crucial step in our collective environmental and economical responsibility.

We offer unique 48 Hour Delivery & Right Day Delivery options that encourage order consolidation and help reduce the overall transportation footprint. Our Right Day Delivery program balances the needs of the environment, your service expectations and cost.

Contact Customer Service for full details.

Awards & Recognition for You

"LEADERSHIP IN GREENER PURCHASING AWARDS" - Recognizing Excellence in Sustainable Procurement