What Happens To Those Empty Ink & Toner Cartridges After You've Dropped Them Off For Recycling?

Step 1

Raw materials are inspected for quality.


Step 2

All cartridges are sorted and graded and only the premium cartridges are selected for our products.


Step 3

Used packaging materials, hoppers, and non-conforming components are disassembled and recycled.


Step 4

Premium cartridges are carefully disassembled, cleaned precisely spilt and prepared for the sealing phase.


Step 5

Each toner hopper is sealed with an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) style seal.


Step 6

Filling equipment is used to ensure precise fill weights for each cartridge.


Step 7

Cartridges are assembled with original, brand name grade compatible components (up to 75% new components are used in each cartridge).


Step 8

Every cartridge is post-tested to ensure the highest performance and quality.


Step 9

A final inspection is performed, then all cartridges are cleaned, polished, and heat-sealed in a static resistant bag.


Step 10

Every step in production is monitored, and our cartridges undergo regular and spot inspections ensuring that they will meet customer expectations.