Our team of experienced professionals will take the time to understand the needs, culture and goals of your organization. Whether collaborating with a designer when moving into a new space or reconfiguring your existing space, Grand & Toy will partner with you throughout the entire process to ensure that your facility and financial needs are aligned with your design intent.

Establishing a plan that fulfills all of your requirements is only the beginning. We’ll assist in setting realistic budget and project parameters. We’ll help you optimize space efficiency, identify functional requirements and prepare your business to adapt to its evolving needs.

Professional and experienced project management is the key to any successful project. Whether in a key supporting role with a design or architectural firm, or as the technical lead throughout the entire process, Grand & Toy will provide seamless coordination of your project using proven, detailed methodologies.

Understanding that all projects are not created equal, our experienced associates continue managing your requirements throughout the project lifecycle and ensure that all timelines and budgets are fully met. Through site meetings, facilitating technology and infrastructure installation, we’ll assist by coordinating all parties involved. Grand & Toy will ensure the accuracy of product sourcing and specifications, coordinate furniture delivery dates, collaborate with other trades, coordinate and supervise installation, provide ongoing project status and monitor a detailed checklist for final inspection.

Following a thorough post-installation review, we’ll assist in assessing your workspace performance and ensure that all project goals were met. We’ll perform final project inspections, anticipate future needs and provide a streamlined process for managing ongoing requirements. Along with our preventative maintenance and warranty services, we’ll provide your business with the training and orientation seminars it needs to ensure a smooth transition into your new environment.

CAD services play an integral role in the selection of office furniture solutions most suited to your specific requirements. Drawing upon our vast array of manufacturer partnerships, our space planners can prescribe solutions that transform your concepts into reality. We offer expertise in space planning, product specification and 3D renderings which clearly illustrate our understanding of your vision and needs.

Upon completing our detailed assessment of your project goals and design intent, we can begin to plan a workspace that is a clear reflection of your unique requirements. Our process will reflect the appropriate ratio between common and assigned areas. We’ll plan for departmental collaboration as well as personal productivity, while integrating the functional needs and key elements of your corporate culture. We’ll prepare your business for future growth and technological advancements, better equip for the demands of a shifting business environment and realize space efficiency by making the most out of your real estate.

In partnership with our highly professional and experienced installation technicians, Grand & Toy ensures accuracy and quality in all of our delivery and installation services. Our installation experts are manufacturer trained and certified in all system and architectural products and give equal attention to detail whether installing furniture for a comprehensive corporate relocation or simply delivering the two additional file cabinets you just ordered.

Other Grand & Toy furniture services include reconfiguring your existing furniture to accommodate changing requirements, the refurbishment of your existing casegoods to coordinate with new product or facilities changes and move management capabilities which assist in the organization and management of all aspects of a relocation or construction.

Grand & Toy understands that controlling costs and expenditures are integral to helping you remain competitive and flexible. We have incorporated a national program identifying and qualifying customers that would like to remove pre-owned office furnishings in a socially responsible fashion.

Leasing has also become a popular strategy for financing office furniture. It allows your company to address its furniture needs while conserving cash, preserving your organization’s line of credit and potentially increasing tax savings. To facilitate the lease of your furniture purchase, Grand & Toy has relationships with several national and regional financial institutions experienced in providing informal yet creative ways of financing your capital requirement.