Terms and Conditions

Welcome to the terms and conditions ("Terms") for subscription ordering. These Terms are between you and Grand and Toy, LLC. and/or its affiliates or subsidiaries ("Grand & Toy", "Us" or "We"), and govern our respective rights and obligations for subscription ordering. By clicking "Accept" prior to placing your subscription order, you agree to be bound to these Terms. The Terms constitute the entire agreement between you and Grand & Toy related to subscription ordering. Please note that your use of the GrandandToy.com website is also governed by our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy , as well as all other applicable terms, conditions, limitations and requirements on the GrandandToy.com website, all of which (as changed over time) are incorporated into these Terms. Please read these Terms carefully.


By signing up for subscription ordering with Grand & Toy, you agree that we may charge the payment method associated with your account automatically on a recurring basis based on the delivery schedule you set, until you cancel your subscription. Except for certain offers that require a specified subscription term, you may cancel your subscription any time by calling us at 1-866-391-8111 or using your "Subscription Manager" online. You will only be charged for orders that have been sent out for delivery. No refunds will be provided for orders that have been sent out for delivery.


Program Benefits

Let us do the heavy lifting for you. After you select the frequency with which you want to receive your items, we will automatically send out your orders for delivery on the schedule you selected. Subscription orders can be scheduled for daily, weekly, monthly, and every other month frequencies.

Your enrollment in subscription ordering starts with your first automatic delivery order, which will be delivered directly to the address on the account. If you choose, your first order can be sent out for delivery on a specific date you select. If you do not select a date, we will process your order immediately.

There is no fee to you for this subscription (scheduled order) service. We will, from time to time, offer various discounts and incentives when enrolling into subscription ordering. An incentive may be a percent discount off the regular price of an item, free delivery on qualifying orders or a free product. All prices and/or discounts will be in Canadian dollars. Some incentives may require that you commit to a specified subscription term. The incentive type, valid dates and terms and conditions for each incentive will be posted on the product detail page when you enroll, and are subject to change.

Except for certain offers that require a specified subscription term commitment, you may change the subscription frequency, item quantity and method of payment associated with your subscription at any time online by accessing your "Subscription Manager" in the "My Account" Option or calling 1-866-391-8111. Any updates will be applied to all future orders associated with your subscription.

Except for certain offers that require a specified subscription term commitment, which will be subject to the specific terms and conditions of those offers, you may cancel your subscription any time online using your "Subscription Manager". You will only be charged for orders that have been sent out for delivery.

To cancel a subscription that required a specified subscription term at the time of enrollment, please call 1-866-391-8111.



Credit cards are the only method of payment accepted for subscription ordering on grandandtoy.com.

You must have an account on grandandtoy.com to enroll and purchase items through subscription ordering. We reserve the right to accept, refuse, cancel, or modify subscription orders in our sole discretion. Your subscription is personal to you, and you may not assign or transfer your subscription or any of the benefits associated with subscription ordering to any third party.

If any problems arise with your account, the delivery address or the method of payment associated with your subscription order, we will notify you via email using the address associated with your subscription asking that you resolve the problem. Your subscription will be placed on hold and no additional orders will be processed or sent out for delivery until the problem has been resolved.

If your item is not available on the day it is scheduled to be sent out for delivery, we will fulfill the order as soon as possible.

If any item is no longer available, we will automatically suspend your subscription for that item and no additional orders associated with that subscription will be placed.


Notice of Automatic and Recurring Payments

The total cost charged to your method of payment for each order will be the price of the item(s) on the day the order is processed less the any discount or incentive, if applicable, plus sales tax and delivery fees.

Unless you update your method of payment, or cancel your subscription, the charge for each recurring order will be automatically billed to the method of payment used when you create your subscription. If the method of payment becomes invalid at any time during the subscription period or if the charge is otherwise rejected, we will send an email to the email address associated with your subscription notifying you that the subscription has been placed on hold. In the email, you will be provided with a link to bring you directly to the item within the subscription manager that needs to be updated. Your subscription will remain on hold and no additional orders will be processed or shipped until the information is updated.

Your subscription and any related item discounts and/or incentives will remain in effect until your subscription is cancelled. If you cancel your subscription and recreate it, any related incentive and/or item discount will also be cancelled and you may choose from the then-current item discounts and/or incentives available.

Other promotion pricing and limited-time offers may not be combinable with the subscription ordering discounts and/or incentives (e.g. Coupons and/or Mail in Rebates).


Agreement Changes

We may, in our sole discretion, change these Terms, Grand & Toy"s website Terms and Conditions and/or our Privacy Policy without notice to you by posting updates on GrandandToy.com. By using subscription ordering, you agree to be bound by any such revisions and should therefore periodically visit this page to determine the current Terms to which you are bound.


Termination by Us

We may terminate your subscription at our discretion without notice. If we do so, you will only be charged for orders that have been sent out for delivery to you.



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