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Organizing Your Project Is Easy With The Help Of Post-it® Products

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Organizing your project is easy with the help of Post-it® Products (Binder)

Use Post-it® Tabs to colour code, divide and label your binders and folders


Post-it® Tabs are writable, durable and long lasting



Expenses FY15 Bills


Paid W/Cash

Credit Cards

PO W/Receipt

File By Date

The repositionable adhesive sticks and resticks.

So that as your projects evolve, your binders and files can too!

Keep things moving forward with the help of Post-it® Products

Office Organization

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Ignite Your Team's Potential

Every team is unique, which requires unique ways of working together. Check out our solutions designed to help teams channel their unique skills toward successful outcomes, no matter how complex the project.

Tools & Tactics

Innovation starts with collaboration

Every stage of the innovation process uses Post-it® Notes, from clarifying problems to generating ideas. Capturing and visualizing projects allows the Innovation Team to enhance collaboration within the group and see where ideas overlap. Why does the Innovation Team love Post-it® Notes.

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Meeting Hacks: get great ideas fast with productive meetings

If you're in the business world, do volunteer work or manage a home business, meetings are likely an integral part of your day-to-day. However, ensuring a meeting is productive isn't an easy task (and it can be even more difficult when meeting with new people or clients)! We have a few suggestions that you can do to make sure your meetings stay on-track to produce some truly creative and innovative outcomes.

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Creativity ignites transformation for Combustion

For Combustion, creativity is the key to transforming organizations and transforming organizations is sparked from transforming the people who work for them.

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