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Dispose of Your Old IT Equipment Safely & Securely

Ever wondered what to do with your outdated, unviable or undesired IT equipment?

IT Asset Disposition manages your asset removal, data destruction, remarketing and/or environmentally friendly disposal of the devices you no longer need. In today's tech-reliant workplace, ITAD should be a critical part of your company's risk management strategy.

Protect Your Business, Employees & Environment.

Every piece of IT equipment in your workplace has a lifespan, which means a never-ending deployment cycle. But, did you know that disposing of retired assets incorrectly can threaten your business? The risks and consequent costs associated with improper IT asset disposition fall into two main categories:

e.g. exposure of sensitive corporate data

e.g. former business assets ending up in landfill

The Safe, Responsible, Certified Solution.

Our ITAD service helps you better manage your costs while minimizing risks, maximizing asset sustainability and optimizing the residual value of your assets. Your devices are securely tracked with a detailed chain of custody, and certification of recycling and/or data destruction to compliance standards higher than the strictest government requirements.

The ITAD Process

1. Online Request

Easy to complete form.

2. Assess & Collect

Assets appraised, pick up costs estimated, equipment transported to warehouse.

3. Registration

Asset quantities/model/condition verified. Serial # checked.

4. Data Wipe

Secure removal & destruction. Failed drives crushed.

5. Final Report

Valuation & certificate provided.

6. Asset Retirement

Equipment re-purposed or recycled – nothing to landfill, 100% guaranteed.

We Work With All Devices Including:

Desktops    |    Laptops    |    Smart Phones    |    Security Cameras    |    Printers    |    Scanners    |    Credit Card Readers

A 2016 report from the University of British Columbia found that Canadians generate approximately 725,000 tonnes of e-waste each year. Only 20% of this is recycled properly.

Since 2018, the Office Deport family of companies has diverted 4.4M lbs. of e-waste from landfill, and donated more than 2,000 devices to charitable organizations.

Your IT Department will have questions.
We have you covered!


  • National capabilities – servicing more customers across Canada than ANY other provider
  • Seven physical locations across the country, each providing three shifts on a 24-hour basis
  • Real-time view into product status – no waiting for antiquated reporting
  • ISO Certified (9001:2008, 14001:2004, OHAS:18001-2007) R2-2013
  • Our configuration and storage centre is completely secure, exceeding government standards
  • Authorized Dell, HP, Lenovo and Apple repair depot
  • NDA agreements in place
  • 24-hour SLA
  • Triage: Dust Particulate Vacuum / 1st cleaning
  • Over 400 configuration benches
  • Over 700-unit daily capacity
  • 3-pass data wipe using best-in-class software
  • Certificates issued per drive include serial #
  • $10M in technology (including cyber liability) insurance


Additional Technology Lifecycle Services Available:

Inventory Management    |    Configuration    |    Staged deployments    |    IMAC    |    Buy Backs    |    Environmental Disposition/Re-Use Programs    |    Warranty Repair

Start Protecting Your Business Now!

To talk to your dedicated Technology Account Manager today, call 1-866-391-8111 and select option 3, then option 2, or fill in the form below to be contacted within 48 hours.

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