Discard Your Outdated IT Equipment the Right Way

Have you ever wondered what you should do with your outdated, unviable, or unwanted IT equipment? IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) describes the practice of reusing, recycling, repurposing, refurbishing, and repairing or discarding unwanted IT equipment in an environmentally friendly manner. Instead of having unneeded IT equipment ending up as electronic waste, also known as e-waste, and end up in a landfill, IT equipment can be salvaged and repurposed in its entirety, or only specific components can be reused. The University of British Columbia released a report detailing that Canadians generate approximately 725,000 tonnes of e-waste each year, and only 20 percent is recycled properly. ITAD helps mitigate further waste like plastics and heavy metals from compiling in the landfills and adversely affecting the environment.

While organizations may have a systematic approach to managing electronic equipment lifecycles, businesses still need to determine what to do with their outdated hardware, whether to refurbish, resell, recycle, or dispose of the equipment. Organizations can perform ITAD internally, and this is typically handled solely or collaboratively between IT asset management, procurement, or risk management teams. Businesses can also contract an external vendor, like Grand & Toy, for ITAD services. Our ITAD service ensures the secure destruction of data and environmentally friendly disposal of equipment — all the while streamlining the disposition of your IT assets and minimizing costs.

Overall, ITAD manages your asset removal, data destruction, repurposing, and sustainably disposing of the devices you no longer need. In today’s tech-reliant workplace, ITAD should be a critical part of your company’s risk management strategy.

The Benefits and Importance of ITAD

Every piece of IT equipment in your workplace has a lifespan, which means a never-ending deployment cycle. However, disposing of retired assets incorrectly can threaten your business and harm the environment. IT equipment contains heavy metals, chemicals, and other materials that will adversely impact the environment when discarded in a landfill. This equipment also contains propriety information that could harm your business if uncovered by external parties. Consequently, the risks and consequent costs associated with improper ITAD fall into two main categories: 



Old IT devices contain confidential data about your business. An ITAD service provider will minimizes the exposure of sensitive corporate data by following best practices to thoroughly delete information, ensure storage devices are wiped, and failed drives are crushed.



Outdated IT equipment can end up in our landfills when they are not discarded properly. ITAD service providers dispose of several types of hardware, such as servers, desktops, notebooks, scanners, and portable devices like phones and tablets. Items such as RAM sticks or video cards can be salvaged from equipment and reused in other products. Meanwhile, some devices can be repaired so you can repurpose equipment — all of which prevents plastics and heavy metals from wastelands.

The Benefits and Importance of ITAD

At Grand & Toy, our ITAD service can help you better manage your costs while minimizing risks, maximizing asset sustainability, and optimizing the residual value of your assets. Your devices are securely tracked with a detailed chain of custody, certification of recycling or data destruction to comply with standards beyond government requirements.

The ITAD Process

Online Request

1. Online Request

Easy to complete form

Assess & Collect

2. Assess & Collect

Asset appraised, pick-up costs estimated, equipment transported to warehouse


3. Registration

Asset quantities, model, and condition verified. Serial # checked

Data Wipe

4. Data Wipe

Secure removal & destruction. Failed drives are crushed

Final Report

5. Final Report

Valuation & certificate provided

Asset Retirement

6. Asset Retirement

Equipment repurposed or recycled. Nothing goes to landfill - 100% guaranteed

We Work With All Devices Including:

Desktops | Laptops | Smart Phones | Security Cameras | Printers | Scanners | Credit Card Readers

Man and woman with tablet using laptop in server room while checking servers

Your IT Department Will Have Questions and We Have You Covered

  • National capabilities - servicing more customers across Canada than any other provider
  • Seven physical locations across the country, each providing three shifts on a 24-hour basis
  • Real-time view into product status - no waiting for antiquated reporting
  • ISO Certified (9001:2008, 14001:2004, OHAS:18001-2007) R2-2013
  • Our configuration and storage centre are completely secure, exceeding government standards
  • Authorized Dell, HP, Lenovo, and Apple repair depot
  • NDA agreements in place


  • 24-hour SLA
  • Triage: Dust Particulate Vacuum / 1st cleaning
  • Over 400 configuration benches
  • Over 700-unit daily capacity
  • 3-pass data wipe using best-in-class software
  • Data destruction certificate issued per drive and serial #
  • $10M in technology (including cyber liability) insurance

Since 2018, the ODP family of companies - including Grand & Toy - has diverted 4.4 million pounds of e-waste from our landfills and donated more than 2,000 devices to charitable organizations. Contact us to learn more about ITAD and how Grand & Toy can support you. Our certified Technology Sales Team will bring their years of expertise to help guide your organization's technology growth and streamline your IT asset disposition while better managing your costs and minimizing risks.

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