Nature Conservancy of Canada

A Natural Legacy Through Partnership

Our associates have identified the environment as a Corporate Citizenship priority for
Grand & Toy. Our criteria for this partnership includes aligning to our core business, being able to provide associate engagement opportunities across the country, and being able to provide meaningful work. Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC), Canada's leading national land conservation organization is a perfect fit.

Since 1962, NCC and its partners have helped to conserve more than 2.8 million acres (1.1 million hectares) of ecologically significant land in Canada from coast to coast.


The Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) protects areas of natural diversity for their intrinsic value and for the benefit of our children and those after them.


The Nature Conservancy of Canada will lead, innovate and use creativity in the conservation of Canada's natural heritage.

NCC will secure important natural areas through their purchase, donation or other mechanisms, and then manage these properties for the long term.

nature conservancy of Canada


The Earth's biological diversity is being lost at a rate that impoverishes our quality of life and threatens our future.

NCC's work is guided by the belief that our society will be judged by what it creates in the present and what it conserves for the future.

For more information and for volunteer opportunities visit the NCC website at

May 28, 2016 : Grand & Toy associates help plant 800 trees in the Minesing wetlands in Ontario.