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Workplace Ergonomics & Wellness Solutions

Why Kensington for Workplace Wellness

At Kensington, we take pride in making today's essential business tools efficient, effective, and easy to use. It's all part of our desire to help people become more productive, confident, and comfortable as they live and work with the latest devices.

Kensington SmartFit

Informational Content

The Importance of a Monitor Arm

Here's what we learned by studying 355 people at their desks
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A Work From Home Case Study

How a work-from-home professional improved her comfort and producitivity with a new, ergonomic set up
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Workplace Wellness Infographic

Why Workplace Wellness programs are important (and worthwhile)
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The Vertical Mouse: Healthier Mousing at No Cost to Performance

A qualitative usability study on the vertical mouse's speed, accuracy, and ergonomics compared to a horizontal mouse
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Benefits of a Curved Keyboard

Find out how Kensington's Pro Fit® Ergo Wireless curved keyboard compare to its top competitors—according to users
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