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Dot journaling. The creative way to get things done.

A dot journal is the hottest new trend that combines a planner, to-do list, diary and so much more. Also known as a bullet journal or boju, it uses bullet points as the core structure. This super cute `idea catcher' helps you track the past, present and future in a simple and fun way. It's easy to get started all you need is a notebook, pen and some imagination!

Plan it

The index is your first step to getting yourself organized. Think of it as your table of contents - a map to help you navigate the location of everything inside your journal. Write down the appropriate page description and number at the beginning, then update it as you add more sections.

Plan It
Log It

Log it!

These areas help you break down your tasks and goals by timeline. Depending how far into the future they are, note them under `future logs`, `monthly logs`, or `daily logs`. Remember, include everything from birthdays, vacations, meal plans and even your dog's yearly vet visit!

Get it done quickly

Keep your dot journal doubly efficient by combining key symbols with rapid logging. Assign different icons for topics like `completed tasks`,  `events' or `important`, to make it easy to streamline (or rapid log) your information. Content is shorter, information is clearer.

Plan It