Grand & Toy Supplier Diversity

Supplier diversity creates a competitive advantage for Grand & Toy and we are committed to ensuring that it is an integral part of our strategic sourcing and procurement process by providing the opportunity to compete on an equal basis with all other bidders. We believe that the success of our organization and the community depends on our ability to work proactively with diverse suppliers in order to provide unique insights into emerging markets, enhance our supply-chain, build a loyal customer base, and create wealth in the communities where we do business.

Grand & Toy identifies a diverse supplier as one that has identified through certification or some other method that their business is at minimum 51% owned by an individual or individuals who belong to the classifications as follows: aboriginal, visible minority, women.

We also expect our primary suppliers to provide information on their supplier diversity program, and where feasible will introduce relevant aboriginal, minority and women owned businesses so that these primary suppliers can provide a potential opportunity through Grand & Toy , as well as to their client base. Grand & Toy is building an environment of inclusion, opportunity, innovation and economic growth. We are committed to strengthening the diverse business community economically, which in turn, contributes to the overall economic growth and expansion in our markets.