“It has been my privilege to work for Grand & Toy for the past six years, and in that time I have been impressed with our company's emphasis on Talent Development and career growth. In our Customer Service Centre, PDPs (Personal Development Plans) were established for associates at all levels, from Inbound Customer Service to Specialty Product Support, to dedicated Resource Centre support and Outbound Small Business representatives. We had many associates promoted in those 6 years, within the department as Team Leads and Supervisors, as well as across departments into Sales roles. While personal development is one's own responsibility, Grand & Toy sponsors mentorship – formal and informal. Recently, I have seen the result of career progression on a personal level from Customer Service Manager to Inside Sales District Manager. If you are up for challenge and change, this is the place!”

Joy Lavers,
District Manager, Inside Sales

“Even though my start with Grand & Toy was in a contract role, I was still provided with objectives and developmental goals befitting a permanent position. This helped me take advantage of a full-time opportunity when it became available. I benefited greatly from a management team that helped to define a roadmap for career progression and also rewarded development and the demonstration of being able to manage responsibilities of ever-increasing importance to the organization. In my role as a Director, with a team of resources vital to the organization reporting to me, I can honestly say that each and every day I am assured of the company's investment in my role via the responsibilities I have been entrusted with and the opportunities for career progression that I have benefited from.”

Bradley Davies,
Director, E-Commerce

“After working in the Non-Profit sector for most of my career, joining a For-Profit company was a giant leap. The business environment was completely new to me and I had to learn how to communicate with a sales-focused audience. Everyone I worked with, including the leadership team, encouraged me to find my own style within the company, develop new opportunities and supported me throughout the learning curve. Since I started at Grand & Toy, I have worked on many projects which have enhanced my skills and pushed me out of my comfort zone, providing me with experiences I would not have had elsewhere.”

Joan Mortimer,
Communications Specialist

“I'm fortunate to work for a company for the past 25 years that has supported me with dedicated development training by our HR department and District Sales Managers, to build my skills and success experience, so I can continue to advance in other sales roles within G&T.”

Ed Jackson,
Account Manager, Commercial Sales