Environmental Solutions
& Sustainability

THINK Program – Our ink & toner recycling solution for your workplace. We will collect your empty ink & toner cartridges and re-manufacture them when possible – recycling all others that cannot go through the re-manufacturing process.

Battery And Cell Phone Recycing Program – In parthership with Call2Recycle, batteries (weighing up to 5 kg) and cell phones may be recycled.

Writing Instruments Recycling Program – We proudly support Newell Rubbermaid Office Products and TerraCycle® Canada's Writing Instrument Brigade®.

TerraCycle® Recycling Systems – We are proud to be Canada’s first retail providing recycling systems for used coffee capsules, office supplies and computer accessories.

Green Products / Services

Environmentally-friendly product options.

Transportation Efficiency

Right day delivery means a decreased fleet on the road.

Thought Leadership And Business Insights

Providing relevant, up-to-date information to the business community.

Community Involvement

We support initiatives that help communities become stronger, more vibrant and self-sufficient, while also empowering our associates to be the change makers they seek to be.

We are an official corporate supporter of Start2Finish, a non-profit organization committed to closing the child poverty gap in Canada.