Boomerang Box
  • Reinforced corrugate box
    – stronger than a regular delivery box
  • Made from 57% post consumer material
    and is 100% recyclable
  • Tapered design makes the box stackable
    to minimize storage space requirements
  • Unique bar code for tracking
  • Drivers to collect old boxes when they deliver a new order or at the time of delivery to minimize storage requirements (to be determined – customer by customer basis)
Boomerang Box
Save It. Stack It. We'll Pick It Up. Make A Difference.

Now you don't have to cut, fold, break-down, and recycle your boxes. Simply stack them neatly together and the Grand & Toy delivery team will collect them back and we'll reuse them for another order.

Not only does Grand & Toy save you the hassles associated with collapsing and disposing boxes, we save you the costs of having to do so. Companies spend a significant amount of dollars each year disposing of delivery boxes, so returning boxes isn't just environmentally responsible – it's also fiscally responsible.


G&T Boomerang Box™ is now our standard delivery box. The boxes are clearly marked with instructions to save them instead of disposing them. The boxes are tapered and can be easily stacked with their lids open. Simply stack the new G&T Boomerang Boxes and our drivers will return to pick them up to be used again on another order.


Boomerang Box participants are required to maintain a minimum 70% return rate to remain on the program. If your return rate slides below the mandated service level, your Business Solutions Advisor will work closely with you to help meet the requirements of the program.


The G&T Boomerang Box™ program is all about being more sustainable. When you add up all the boxes that we can save, the G&T Boomerang Box™ will make a significant impact - saving energy, fuel, time, and trees. We can't do this without your participation and support. Help us and it will come back to help us all.

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The driver picks up the boxes on the next round and delivers it back to the Customer Fulfillment Centre where it is scanned, recording the completion of the delivery cycle.
You stack and save the boxes instead of disposing them.
The driver delivers the box as usual.
Each box carries a unique bar code. When scanned, our system records the delivery cycle of the box.
Products are picked and packed into the Boomerang Box.
Customer Fulfillment Centres.

We saved 46,000
one-time use boxes

Enough to stack taller than Canada's tallest mountain with the pilot of our Boomerang Box.

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