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How An Open Office Workspace Can Benefit Employees

With the millennial generation taking over the workplace, the traditional office design has begun to change. One way this is happening is with the transition to an open office concept. So, what is an open office workspace? [...] READ MORE


Chatbots: Meeting Your Newest Coworker

Imagine working with a co-worker who is always on time, who is available 24/7, and who never has to take a vacation. Well, this co-worker already exists. They might not be who you're expecting, because they are not human [...] READ MORE


Team Building Exercises to Keep Your Employees Motivated

Are you starting to notice a disconnect or lack of motivation from your employees? It sounds like it's time for a team building activity. Team building activities are a fun way to bring your employees together as a team. They help [...] READ MORE


4 Ways To Get Organized At Work Before Going On Vacation

Who doesn't look forward to taking a vacation from work? Whether you decide to go to the beach, explore a new city or take a staycation, vacation time is the perfect time to become stress free, recharge and relax. While taking a vacation is [...] READ MORE


6 Ways To Appreciate Your Employees

As you can probably know while attracting top talent is hard retaining top talent is even harder. In fact, 43% of Canadian workers said that they would quit their job for a new one. So, what can you do to prevent your employees from leaving? We suggest [...] READ MORE


4 Essential Cleaning Products to Keep Your Desk Clean

Even though most offices have regular cleaning crews, a recent study by Discovery Health has revealed that the average desk contains 400 times more germs than a toilet seat. Confused? Don't be. The cleaners [...] READ MORE


An Ergonomic Approach to Benefit Employees and the Business

Did you know that your employees' health could be having a negative impact on your small business? If you haven't invested in the health of your employees, it's time to start! More and more, employees are facing [...] READ MORE


How to Properly Adjust an Ergonomic Chair

Do you know what to look for in an ergonomic chair? A good ergonomic chair should provide employees with the ability to adjust the height, lumbar support, seat depth and armrests of the chair. For an ergonomic chair to have a positive impact [...] READ MORE


Get Moving with Ergonomics

Creating a work environment that encourages movement can make a huge difference in the health of your employees. Whether employees are complaining about the pain in their back or neck at work, it's highly likely that their discomfort is related to [...] READ MORE


The Benefits of a Sit-Stand Workstation

Do you know how many hours the average office worker sits in a day? It's shocking! The average office worker sits around 10 hours per day. This leads to a sedentary lifestyle which increases employees' chances of [...] READ MORE

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