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Millions of office workers across the world sit all day.
Are you one of them?

Being a part of the office workforce is a contributor to office workers sitting for most of the day. Ergotron found that although 67% of Americans hate sitting, 86% of Americans sit all day at work. This contributes to a sedentary lifestyle and increased health risks. You may think it's difficult to break this working lifestyle, but that doesn't have to be the case.

In a study by Standford University, they found that breaking up sitting and standing can lead to reduced lower back and neck pain. The study introduced a combination of 46 Ergotron WorkFit sit-stand workstations. The study found that that 78% of workers that used a sit-stand workstation reported that they had a pain-free day compared to when they worked at regular sitting-only workstations. Without experiencing lower back and new pain, employees were able to better concentrate at work.

So, what is the recommended time to alternate your position? Ergotron recommends changing positions every 30 minutes. But it is important to remember that the way you stand and sit is also important.

Think about the way you sit at work. Do you sit with your legs crossed? Are you hunched over your desk? This is not the recommended way to sit. Your feet should be placed on the ground and your knees should be around the same height as your hips. Lastly, you should be seated in an upright or slightly reclined position.

The way you stand is just as important as the way you sit. Once you adjust your desk to the standing position, it is important that your screen and keyboard are readjusted to maintain your ergonomic posture. You should be standing with your feet hip distance apart keeping a small bend in your knees and lower back.