Desks Say More About Your Employees Than You Think

If you're like me, you spend most of the day at work. You work in an office from 9am to 5pm. You start your morning with a hot beverage, maybe a little water cooler chat and then you make your way to your desk.

I'm a Grand & Toy employee who works as a Copywriter for the company's marketing department. I have my own desk (in a time when shared desks are becoming the norm) and I like to keep it a certain way. Chances are you and your fellow employees do too.

This got me thinking, do we ever fully know the people we sit beside day in and day out or the people we interact with frequently? The answer is probably no. But, you can find out more than you think based on their desk and the personalized items they keep on it.

Take my desk for example:

image of copywriter's desk

There's a lot going on in this one section of my desk alone. You can see various quotes stuck to the wall (most are about writing if you can't read them), magnets, a quickly doodled diagram, notebooks, produced sample work, a plant and a cat post-it note dispenser. I am definitely the creative type trying to find inspiration wherever I can, and I think my desk reflects that. (I also LOVE cats, if you can't tell by the poster, the magnet holding that poster up, and the post-it note dispenser.)

The Minimalist

image of a minimalist desk

Highly conscience, cautious and disciplined, this is a person who loves routine and structure. They plan out their day, work hard and are very dependable. They love being praised for their work but who can blame them as they put in the time and effort.

The Collector

image of a collector's desk

This is the desk of an extrovert! It's cluttered. It's chaotic. It's usually covered in piles of books, knick-knacks and personal effects. These people are extremely welcoming to others but are always on-the-go and super busy. This means they have absolutely no time to clean up or organize their desk.

The Personalizer

image of a personalizer's desk

Someone with this type of desk likes to show off their unique personality. From family photos to favourite quotes, their desk seems like a little slice from their home. These people tend to love jumping at new opportunities and ideas in the workplace as it lets their creativity shine through.

The Techie

image of a techie's desk

No matter the job, this person is ready for and equipped with the tech needed to get things done! They are always curious, always willing to learn about what's new and what's next. If you forget your phone charger, they will have an extra one ..for every type of phone out there.

Everyone, consciously or unconsciously, keeps their desk a certain way. Whether your employees have a messy desk, clean desk, or decorate their workspace, desk psychology can tell you something about their personality or habits. So, what does YOUR desk say about your personality?

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