Unique Uses for Sticky Notes in Your Office

Sticky notes were invented in 1977 and became popular a year later. They were designed to be an easy way to write yourself a reminder that could be placed on a document or other surfaces. What makes them unique is their light adhesive back, which means they can be easily attached and removed without leaving behind any residue.

Sticky notes come in many different shapes, sizes and colours, and while this humble office essential is still used for reminders today, they have many other surprising uses. Check out our list below:

Keyboard Cleaner

Your keyboard is a source for dust, hair and even crumbs (if you're someone who eats at your desk). While you may be someone who uses compressed air to clean out your keyboard, you have another option out there - the sticky note. You may be wondering how a sticky note can clean out your keyboard. Well, it's simple. Take the sticky note and slide it between the keys on your keyboard. The sticky side of the note will pick up all the dust, hair, and leftover lunch crumbs that managed to get inside.

Makeshift Coaster

Staying with the theme of keeping your desk clean, you can avoid any unwanted cup rings by using your sticky note as a makeshift coaster. All you have to do is press one down on your desk, and voila you now have the perfect coaster to put your cup on!

Sticky Note Calendar

Calendars come in different formats. Some people like to keep track of work and other "to-dos" on their computer, while others like to jot down their schedule in a paper day planner. We want to introduce you to a third option - the sticky note calendar. To create one, you'll need to place the sticky notes on your wall in the form of a calendar grid. Having this type of large calendar is useful, because other employees can see deadlines and timings for large projects that are due during that month.

Makeshift Mouse Pad

If you're someone who works remotely, you probably use your mouse on many different surfaces. Unfortunately working on certain surfaces can negatively affect the sensors in your mouse. This is where a mouse pad comes in to save the day. But what if you're someone who doesn't bring your mouse pad everywhere, or simply forgets? Luckily sticky notes have you covered. Place four sticky notes in a square on your work area and you have a makeshift mousepad ready to go.


You've written a reminder on a sticky note, but now you no longerneed it. So, what's next? Your natural reaction is to probably recycle that it. Before you do, we want you to think about doing something a little different with the reminder note, we want you to reuse the sticky note as a label.

To use the sticky note as a label, all you have to do is cut off the sticky part when you are done, and stick it to whatever you want to label. This can range from a folder and wires on your desk, to a section of your notebook. You just need to remember not to write on the sticky part of the note, so you have room to write on it later when you are making the label.

Sticky notes are a powerful tool that can help you stay organized - you can write any important information you need on them. But, the next time you use one to remind yourself about something, remember that their use goes far beyond that!