3 Benefits Of A Docking Station

For businesses of all sizes, it's crucial to provide employees with the right tools to help them perform their best work. In 2019, this usually begins with supplying employees with a computer.

When it comes to computers, companies today tend to give employees laptops instead of desktops. Laptops provide employees with the benefit of mobility, which makes it easier for employees to work both from the office and remotely.

With laptops taking over the workplace, employers are beginning to supply employees with a docking station. You may be wondering, what is a docking station? A docking station is a device that gives laptops access to many accessories with a single connection. Read below to find out how this single connection can benefit your employees and your business.

Benefit #1: Access to Many Accessories and Less Clutter

A challenge that employees face at work is their laptops are unable to connect with all the accessories they need. Most laptops only have 2 USB ports, which are usually taken by the mouse and keyboard. With these 2 USB ports taken, employees cannot connect to other devices they may need. Leading to the employee's desk becoming cluttered with multiple cords that they need to alternate between devices.

With the use of a docking station, employees can connect their laptops to several devices at once. Therefore, they will not have to switch between plugging and unplugging different computer accessories, leading to less frustration and a more organized workspace.

Benefit #2: Portability Between Office and Remote Working

On the run to your next meeting or deciding to work from home for a few days this week? Laptops make it easy to bring your work with you wherever you go. Unfortunately, always moving a laptop around results in connecting and disconnecting multiple devices.

A docking station can help make connecting easier because it houses all the connections for your employees' computer accessories in one device. So, when employees return to work, they can easily plug into their docking station to connect to all their devices at once, instead of having to connect each of their devices separately.

Benefit #3: Compatibility

"Bring Your Own Device" (BYOD) is becoming a popular trend in the workplace, especially amongst small businesses, as doing so can help bring down costs. With employees bringing in different laptops, you may be concerned about how compatible a docking station can be with the different brands. Well, don't be! A universal docking station is compatible with many different types of laptops. So, when your employees come to work equipped with different laptops, the docking station you provide will be able to connect them to the computer accessories they need.


If you're looking for a simple solution to help your employees easily connect their laptops to important devices, then the docking station is a perfect device for you. It helps create a seamless transition when employees are on the move, resulting in increased productivity and less lost time.