The Office Manager – The True Unsung Hero in Every Workplace

Preserving and promoting a strong company culture that employees identify with and feel a part of, is one of the most important ways employers can retain top talent and grow their business. As the workplace and workforce evolve, and changes such as remote working become more prevalent, employees are now more than ever looking for a way to stay connected within their work communities.

In a Grand & Toy survey, we asked owners and managers of small and medium-sized businesses if they had an individual or perhaps a few individuals on staff who could foresee the needs of their colleagues and go beyond their job description – both excellent ways to positively impact company culture and people around you. We found that a large majority (72%) of respondents said yes.

Every office has a hero. With seemingly endless enthusiasm and the gift of foresight, these stars always help the colleague who has run out of staples, the person endlessly missing pens and the one who never has enough coloured stickies for a brainstorm meeting.

So who is this office hero? Some may think hero is a strong word, but they are a hero to someone every day. This special person is constantly anticipating needs, coming through in a pinch and keeping the office stocked, so it feels as close to home as possible. It's often someone who doesn't get enough credit or kudos for all the work they do for their fellow employees.

I'm talking about the Office Manager. A true champion in the workplace and the backbone of the organization, keeping day-to-day operations running smoothly. Almost 90% of managers surveyed admitted that they enjoyed being given the chance to work beyond their job description. It's this selfless and committed approach to the job that make them indispensable in the ever-changing workplace.

And behind every Office Manager is a story. We asked Office Managers about the unassigned tasks they deal with every day and the results were eye-opening. They included:"breaking a window of a car to save a dog", "cancelling a rogue credit card after a boss' separation", "writing a speech for someone for their wedding", and the list goes on.

At Grand & Toy, we understand the Office Manager. Office Managers are our clients and our partners. Every day we have the pleasure of working alongside them as they bring office magic to life. As workplaces continue to evolve, the need for and role of an Office Manager will grow, transforming alongside the workspace. Office Managers will become a community base for the office – sharing information, extending resources, and connecting all parties together.

So, to Office Managers everywhere - we appreciate your dedication, hustle and the culture you create. As your trusted partner, we're going to continue to provide solutions that enable you to meet the changing needs of the workplace, and we applaud your ongoing commitment to your work family.