Imagine receiving a year-end bonus from your employer just for maintaining a clutter-free office. Though a bonus for cleanliness might not be feasible in your office, organizing your work environment may increase your company's profits. This is because, whether you work in a high-rise office tower or telecommute from a home office, an organized workspace can increase productivity and decrease cost. Here are four simple organization tips to help improve your efficiency:

Clear the Clutter

Clutter can impede productivity by causing stress, anxiety and distractions. Fight clutter by purging unnecessary documents, files and materials from your office space. A paperless office is an accomplishment in itself, but you may find that your business matters are far more secure in a computer file than they were in a locked file drawer. Compare hard copies to computer files and discard documents that are electronically saved. Consider using a shredder to help keep your discarded papers out of the hands of others.

Create Your Workspace

If you've ever had to clear a spot on your desk just to sign your name or separate the mail, you know how much easier it is to work when your desk is free from extraneous papers and files. Although some of your workspace may be clear after you purge and shred unnecessary documents, you may still need to carve out space on your desk to perform your daily tasks. Consider using desk organizers, business card holders and pen cups — designed for both functionality and style — to help de-clutter your space. If you're a minimalist, you can choose a desk tray to store your pens, staples and sticky notes out of sight.

Show the Real You

Your desk or work area should reflect your personal style. Decorate your space with photographs, collectibles or trinkets that take your mind off work for a few moments each day. A few personal items in your work space can bring a smile throughout the day. Keep them to a minimum, however; don’t go overboard and keep it work-appropriate.

Organized Telecommuters

If you're one of the three million workers who telecommute, having a dedicated and organized office space is critical to your productivity. A March 2014 article in The New York Times titled "It's Unclearly Defined, but Telecommuting Is Fast on the Rise," defines telecommuters as people with full-time jobs who work outside a traditional office at least half the time. If you find it challenging to accomplish a full day's work with a makeshift office on the kitchen table, you're a prime candidate for home office organization. Begin by creating an actual office space. Many telecommuters convert a guest bedroom into an office because it has minimal in-and-out traffic and few distractions. Replicate an actual office with a proper desk, ergonomically suitable chair, shredder and office supplies. Maintain this organized workspace by not using it for watching television, gaming or activities that can eventually clutter your office environment.