Get Some Range of Motion in the Workplace!

In today’s competitive business landscape, employees and executives alike are spending more time at their workstations than ever before. The tricky stitch lies in the fact that most computer work stations today are designed contrary to natural instinct: the human body as a whole is designed to be in motion, not to be sitting for extended periods of time. Movement is imperative for spinal health, by improving circulation and reducing muscle fatigue. Relief from muscle fatigue can only be achieved when we get up and get moving, which is why it’s so important to stretch those legs, stand up and even get walking throughout the workday

With an average of more than one-third of our daily lives being spent in the workplace, health and wellness are beginning to take precedent in the workplace. In fact, numerous studies have shown that promoting employee health improves morale, boosts productivity and in turn, helps businesses grow their bottom line.

Here are two very workable solutions for helping everyone achieve optimal workplace health:

Height Adjustable Workspaces

Understanding the appeal of an ergonomically designed sit-to-stand desks or worktable is simple. When you spend over three hours a day in the sitting position, your metabolism drops and you begin burning calories at a third of the rate. The theory goes that by standing instead of sitting at work, you burn more calories and counteract the effects of staying stationary for long periods of time. Combined with the right chair, a sit-to-stand workstation gives you a full range of supported movement to help you stay more active and healthier while you work – allowing you to get the most out of your workday – every day.

More good news: Height adjustable desks and tables also provide for a more inclusive workforce by easily adapting to suit the needs of a more diverse group of employees.

Get A Move On In Your Workspace

We understand, you’ve got deadlines to meet. But if you can spare a minute or two, taking time to walk away from your workstation every hour or so, will actually have a tremendous impact on your productivity. Taking active breaks in small intervals throughout the workday will allow you to give your mind a refresh, while boosting circulation and encouraging collaborative talk and even team building in the workplace.

An active break can be as simple as taking a short walk around the office, going for a stroll with a colleague during your lunch hour or coffee break, or even integrating regular exercise such as visits to a fitness facility either near or within your workplace!

With that being said, we all need to take a seat from time to time. For those who put in long days at the office, spending extended periods of time on your feet could cause fatigue for even the healthiest among us. For this reason, we recommend a healthy dose of moderation. Sit, stand, move, repeat – and you’ve got yourself a healthy workday!