Cisco Integrated Services Router 1121X - router - desktop

Also known as SY6657493,IM697FFP

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Cisco Integrated Services Router 1121X - Router - 8-port switch - 1GbE - WAN ports: 2


Device Type Router
Routing Protocol VRRP
Networking / Data Link Protocol Fast Ethernet
Routing Protocol Static IP routing
Encryption Algorithm DES
Encryption Algorithm 128-bit AES
WAN Ports Qty 2
Routing Protocol HSRP
Encryption Algorithm 384-bit SHA
Encryption Algorithm IKE
Remote Management Protocol CLI
Routing Protocol Policy-based routing (PBR)
Network / Transport Protocol DHCP
Encryption Algorithm ECDSA
Encryption Algorithm Triple DES
Product Line Cisco Integrated Services Router
Networking / Key Features VPN support
Encryption Algorithm SHA
Packaged Quantity 1
Integrated Switch 8-port switch
Routing Protocol EIGRP
A05611 Desktop
Encryption Algorithm 2048-bit RSA
Routing Protocol IGMPv3
Networking / Data Link Protocol Ethernet
Encryption Algorithm 256-bit AES
Network / Transport Protocol IPSec
Networking / Key Features USB port
Routing Protocol BGP
Model 1121X
Brand Cisco
WWAN Protocols LTE
Connectivity Type Wireless
Connectivity Type Wired
Network / Transport Protocol DNS
Networking / Data Link Protocol Gigabit Ethernet
Encryption Algorithm MD5
Routing Protocol DVMRP
RAM Size 8
Remote Management Protocol RMON
Routing Protocol RSVP
Routing Protocol PIM-SM
Encryption Algorithm 512-bit SHA
Network / Transport Protocol PPPoE
Network / Transport Protocol L2TPv3
Routing Protocol Bidirectional Forwarding Detection (BFD)
Routing Protocol PIM-SSM
Routing Protocol RIP-2
Encryption Algorithm 1024-bit RSA
Routing Protocol RIP-1
Manufacturer Cisco
Routing Protocol OSPF
Routing Protocol IS-IS
Encryption Algorithm 256-bit SHA
Encryption Algorithm 748-bit RSA
Flash Memory / Installed Size 8
Routing Protocol GRE
Networking / Key Features Firewall
Remote Management Protocol TR-069
Remote Management Protocol SNMP
Routing Protocol MPLS