Diversey Attac SC High Efficiency Floor Stripper, 5 L RTD





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  • Material Safety Data Sheets


  • Powerful, fast-acting, low foam formula quickly bites through layers of finish as soon as it is applied
  • Designed for floor finish removal on VCT, terrazzo, and concrete flooring
  • Not intended for use on wood, linoleum, rubber, marble, painted surfaces, on surface coloured and acid dyed concrete floors as this product may harm these surfaces
  • Test for softening or colour bleeding on asphalt floors before using
  • Directions of use: Use appropriate personal protective equipment. Dilute product as follows: Dispense stripper solution from dispenser using cold water at 1:13 for heavy duty stripping (14 + coats) or 1:20 for light/medium duty stripping (4-13 coats) into appropriate container. Blockade areas to be stripped. Floors will be very slippery when stripper is applied. Exercise caution. Apply liberal amounts of solution uniformly to floor with a mop. Start with the edges to give them more soak time. If splashing occurs, wipe off surfaces with a clean rag dampened with water. Let stripper solution soak for 10-15 minutes. Mop agitate to loosen finish or sealer. Re-wet as necessary, do not allow stripper to dry on the floor. Longer soak times may be necessary in cases of extreme buildup. Hand or machine scrub thoroughly using appropriate stripper pads or stripping brush. Pick-up all of the solution with a clean mop, wet vac or automatic scrubber. Mop up any "tracks" left by wet vacs or automatic scrubbers before they dry. Thoroughly rinse floor with clean water, using a mop and bucket. Let floor dry completely before applying a finish or sealer.
  • 5 L ready-to-dispense bottle
  • Highly concentrated low odour floor stripper is not formulated with ammonia or butyl
  • Amber in colour with a solvent scent
  • Green Seal Certified


Product Type Laminate Floor Cleaners
Certification Green Seal Certified
Type Stripper
Size 5 L
Colour Amber
Additional Features Easy Dispenser
Disinfectant No
Quantity per Unit 1
Style Floor