Diversey SmartDose Surface Sanitizer, 1.4 L Bottle





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  • Material Safety Data Sheets


  • Quaternary ammonium chloride based no-rinse sanitizer for 3-compartment sinks and food contact surfaces
  • Safe for soft and precious metals (silver and gold)
  • Sanitizes food contact and other hard environmental surfaces
  • The SmartDose system automatically gauges an exact dose of concentrate to mix with water, allowing accurate dilution
  • Dilutes at 1:224
  • Red liquid in semi-transparent bottle for easy viewing of remaining quantity and with a characteristic scent
  • Made in Canada
  • 1.4 L per bottle
  • Directions of use: This product can be applied by mop, sponge, cloth, paper towel or (hand pump) coarse trigger sprayer. For Use as a Cleaner and Deodorizer: apply use solution to surfaces. Wipe surfaces and let air dry. Sanitizing Food Contact Surfaces: pre-flush, scrape or pre-soak articles to be washed. Wash areas or items to be sanitized with clean water and a recommended detergent. Rinse with potable water. Sanitize in a solution prepared by diluting 4.14 ml/946 ml (or a 1:224 dilution) of water to 200 ppm quaternary level. Immerse or wet all surfaces for at least 60 seconds or as required by local sanitation regulations. When solution depreciates or becomes soiled, discard. Test sanitizer solution periodically with a Quaternary Test Kit to ensure 200 ppm active quaternary. Drain and allow equipment or utensils to air dry. Note: NO POTABLE WATER RINSING of equipment is required. Avoid contamination of food during use or storage. Prepare a fresh solution daily or more frequently if soil is apparent.


Additional Features Deodorizer
Disinfectant No
Quantity per Unit 1
Type Cleaner
Product Type Cleaners- All-Purpose
Size 1.4 L
Additional Features SmartDose
Type Sanitizer
Style Surface
Additional Features No rinse
Style Multi-Surface
Style Bottle
Style Coloured
Additional Features Easy Dispenser
Made in Canada Yes
Colour Red