Diversey Suma Bio-Floor Cleaner, 3.78 L, 4/CT





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  • A bacteria-enhanced, premium-liquid, no-rinse floor cleaner with solvents
  • Provides a residual cleaning effect on quarry tile floors that can last for up to several days
  • Great for removing fats, grease and oils that can build up in grout and tile pores of quarry tile floors, causing slip-fall accidents
  • Made in Canada
  • Kosher and NSF Certified
  • Directions of Use: Sweep up and remove solid waste from floor before applying. Dispense directly from the RTD dispensing system on surface to be cleaned, alternatively, dispense proper strength solution of product and warm or hot water into a mop bucket. Post "Wet Floor" signs around area to be cleaned and spray or spread diluted product with a clean mop to apply the cleaning solution generously to the floor, overlapping mop strokes. For best results, scrub the floor with a brush, especially if the floor has grout. Repeat if necessary on heavily-soiled areas. Pick up soil and excess solution with a tightly wrung out mop, wringing it out frequently, or squeegee to floor drain. Dry mop, squeegee floor dry or allow floor to air dry before reuse. No rinsing required. A potable water rinse is only required for those surfaces that may contact edible product. Storage: Do not store in food processing or food storage areas. Shake well before using if product has settled.
  • 3.78 L
  • Carton of 4


Disinfectant No
Made in Canada Yes
Style Floor
Type Cleaner
Pack Size Carton of 4
Certification Kosher
Recycled Content No
Size 3.78 L
Certification NSF Certified