Keep your employees energized with a complete coffee and hot beverage solution.

We provide coffee brewing equipment and all related services, including installation, preventive maintenance, and repair for a completely customized office coffee service experience.


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Great Products From Great Brands

Get fine coffee and tea, delivered right to your office with Grand & Toy's office coffee services. Choose from a wide variety of premium brands you know and love including, Bourbon, Starbucks, Timothy's, Van Houtte, Mars, Tazo, Davids Tea, Teaja, and more.

Brewing Equipment

The right coffee bean paired with the right brewer makes all the difference in enjoying that perfect cup of coffee every time. Find the right brewer for your workplace. We offer single serve, traditional drip, and bean-to-cup machines.

Customize Your Service & Delivery

Delivery is customizable too. Schedule your orders to ensure a consistent supply of the beverages you love or bundle with your other business supplies on a single order and single shipment.


General FAQs

Do I have to pay for the equipment?

Grand & Toy provides the equipment and required maintenance at no-charge, in exchange for your commitment to purchase coffee and related consumable items from us.

How do I determine what equipment is best for my business?

Our coffee specialist will work with you to determine which brewing options best meet your office needs.

Can I mix equipment types?

Yes, we'll build a customized office coffee solution for your business that may include a variety of different equipment types.

What happens if my coffee equipment stops working?

Grand & Toy will dispatch a repair technician to your location, typically within 24 hours.

How do I order my coffee?

Coffee and related items can be ordered on our website, along with your other business supplies. We can also set up scheduled orders to ensure a consistent supply of your missing critical coffee items.