Don't know what to do with your End-of-First-Life (EOFL ™) technology?

Our asset disposal program is a practical, cost-saving option for businesses and organizations to receive financial value and carbon credits that can be put towards new IT or other organizational goals in exchange for End-of-First-Life technology.

Generate Value
Improve your bottom line by earning cash on your End-of-First-Life technology.

Simplify end-of-life technology management
Our asset disposal service is a simple & secure end-to-end process.

Protect your data
We build data security into each step of our service, so you can dispose of your assets safely and securely.

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Disposing Your Assets

Step One: Trade In Your Technology

From pick-up and transportation, to storage, data wiping and data destruction, security is our top priority when it comes to safely and easily disposing of your EOFL™ technology.

Your assets are securely picked-up and transported.

Assets are taken to a secure ISO-Certified processing facility where they are tagged, scanned, and stored under 24/7 surveillance.

All assets are wiped, de-branded and refurbished for resale. For recycled devices, data is destroyed, wiped, and destruction certificates are issued.

Step Two: Get cash back & credits

In exchange for your EOFL™ technologies, you receive cash back for the resale value of your refurbished products, plus carbon credits.

EOFL™ Technologies


Carbon Credits


General FAQs

What is end-of-first-life?

End-of-First-Life (EOFL) is a term used to highlight that technology has more than one life or use. Through the process of refurbishment and resale, our asset disposal program facilitates a second life for end-of-life technology that would otherwise be retired from use and either recycled or sent to landfill.

What is a Carbon Credit?

A carbon credit represents a measurement of reduced carbon emissions achieved by one party, which can be purchased and used to compensate (offset) the emissions of another party. (Source: David Suzuki Foundation)

How do I know my data will be protected?

Data protection is the top priority of our program. As part of the program, data security is divided into four areas:

  1. Transportation: Complete security, from pick-up to drop-off (optional).
  2. Storage: ISO-certified processing facility (9001:2015) with 24/7 video surveillance and guard monitoring.
  3. Data Wipe: NIST800-88-compliant wipe for all data bearing devices, and full de-branding. Wipe certificates provided.
  4. Data Destruction: Assets destined for recycling destroyed. Certificates of destruction provided.

How can I find out if asset disposal is available in my region?

Our asset disposal service is available nationally. For regional device pick up/drop off programs please reach out to your local sales representative.

Will there always be a cash back value for my items?

There may not be any cash back as depending on age of product being disposed of and location there could also be a charge to dispose/recycle the hardware.