Don't know what to do with your End-of-First-Life (EOFL) technology? Our asset disposal program is a practical, cost-saving option for your business to; simplify end-of-first-life technology management, protect your data and generate value by earning cash on your technology.


Disposing Your Assets

Step One: Trade In Your Technology

From pick-up and transportation, to storage, data wiping and data destruction, security is our top priority when it comes to safely and easily disposing of your EOFL technology.

Your assets are securely picked-up and transported.

Assets are taken to a secure ISO-Certified processing facility where they are tagged, scanned, and stored under 24/7 surveillance.

All assets are wiped, de-branded and refurbished for resale. For recycled devices, data is destroyed, wiped, and destruction certificates are issued.

Step Two: Get cash back & credits

In exchange for your EOFL technologies, you receive cash back for the resale value of your refurbished products, plus carbon credits.

EOFL Technologies


Carbon Credits


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