Large Business Enterprise

We focus on you, so you can focus on success. It’s one thing to understand your workplace. It’s another to streamline it through efficiency, cost savings and control. By putting our proprietary tools, solutions and services to work, you can benefit like never before.

Our Team Is Here To Work For You

You will have access to a dedicated and experienced account management team and solutions specialists ready to support any unique or complex needs you may have.


  • Boost efficiency in how you order, receive, pay, measure and collectively manage your supply vendors
  • Uncover hidden costs that multiply with separate suppliers and turn those costs into additional savings
  • Achieve best-in-class status with fewer steps, so you can maintain an effective supply program for your business – all by leveraging one point of contact

Cost Savings

  • Control costs year over year through flexible pricing programs, rebates and incentives
  • Drive down costs and realize overall savings by focusing on core items that you use most or that have strategic value
  • Your plan will be designed to easily fit all of your business needs, giving you more buying power and greater control over your spend
  • The more you consolidate your business with us, the more you can save


  • Get the insight you need to keep budgets on track with powerful compliance tools, tighter budgeting, solutions for supply program leakage and reductions in off-contract spending
  • Comprehensive reporting provides continuous transparency across your organization, so you can work more efficiently
  • Our Partnership Opportunity Review help move you forward by providing you with visibility and insight into behavioural procurement patterns, empowering you to gain better control over your total spend

Total Workspace Solutions

Get the supplies, solutions and services that your workplace specifically needs from one single source.

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