Diversey Bravo Heavy-Duty Low-Odour Floor Stripper, 18.9 L Envirobox





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  • Non-ammoniated, non-solvenated formula penetrates through finish build-ups and burnished finishes with no heavy odour
  • Powerful formula dissolves all Diversey floor finishes
  • Multiple dilution rates for different levels of build-up
  • Designed for floor finish removal on VCT, terrazzo, and concrete flooring
  • Not intended for use on wood, linoleum, rubber, marble, painted surfaces, or on surface coloured and acid dyed concrete floors as this product may harm these surfaces
  • Test for softening or colour bleeding on asphalt floors before using
  • pH: 13
  • Dilution: 1:4-1:8
  • Directions of use: Use appropriate personal protective equipment. Dilute product as follows: Light/Medium build up of Floor Finishes: Dilute product 1 part with 8 parts cool water. Heavy build up of Floor Finishes: Dilute product 1 part with 4 parts cool water. Blockade areas to be stripped or sealed. Floors will become very slippery when stripper is applied. Exercise Caution. Let stripper solution soak in for 10-15 minutes. Increase soak time if using cool water. Keep areas to be stripped wet. Scrub thoroughly. Pick-up all of the solution with a clean mop, wet vac, or an automatic scrubber. Thoroughly rinse floor with clear water and let dry before applying floor finish or sealer.
  • 18.9 L Envirobox


Size 18.9 L
Style Floor
Additional Features Low-odour
Type Stripper
Pack Size 1/ea.