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TerraCycle® Recycling Systems

Conveniently divert waste from landfills by recycling products that many municipalities consider waste.


Grand & Toy Battery
And Cell Phone Recycling Program

Collects and recycles batteries and cell phones at no cost.


THINK Program Recycling Systems

Your sustainable solution for printer cartridge recycling.


PrintReleaf Recycling Systems

Measure your paper footprint and contribute to reforestation projects.


Defining The Shades

The Darker The Shade
The Greener The Product

Grand & Toy believes that there are "shades of green" therefore we identify green products by light green, mid green, or dark green depending on their environmental benefits.


Our Journey

Find Out More About Our Commitment And What It Means To You

We strive to be a leading example of how businesses can improve sustainability practices, inspire social innovation and reduce their environmental footprint while still optimizing their bottom line.


Nature Conservancy Of Canada
A Natural Legacy Through Partnership

Grand & Toy is a proud supporter of the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC). In 2016, Grand & Toy made a financial commitment to support NCC’s conservation efforts, giving Grand & Toy associates the opportunity to participate in NCC events, aligning with our core values and priorities.

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