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When staff or customers enter your space, greet them with a safe, clean, and winter-ready environment. With slip-resistant matting under their feet, clean surfaces to work on, fresh air to breathe and protective gear to wear, your team will be able to stay positive and productive through the winter months.

Browse our winter matting, cleaning products, air quality solutions and winter workforce protection to prepare for the season ahead.



Winter Matting

Protect your employees and your space this winter with floor matting solutions. Floor mats can prevent slips and falls in entryways during cold and wet winter weather, by absorbing messes and providing extra traction. Plus, matting can prevent unsightly and costly damage to floors – so add our Winter Matting Solutions to your workplace this season.


Floor Care Solutions

High traffic areas can be susceptible to damage when salt and sand are tracked in, so stock up on floor cleaning solutions to reduce the risk of damage and keep your space looking presentable. Shop our picks for winter cleaning and maintenance now.


Air Quality Solutions

Make air quality a priority in your workplace this winter. When we shut doors and windows through the cold months, air is less able to move and circulate, and air quality can decline. Shop our Air Quality Solutions and give your employees peace of mind, knowing the air they breathe is fresh and clean.


Cold & Winter Workforce Protection

Don’t let harsh winter weather get in your team’s way. Give employees the gear they need to stay protected from the elements this winter. Our Cold & Winter Workforce Protection products feature insulated gloves, high-visibility jackets and first aid kits to equip your team for the season ahead.


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