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Keurig Single Cup Coffee Brewer

Small Office

(Up to 15 employees)

Keurig Professional Office Coffee Brewer

Small-Medium Office

(15 - 30 employees)

Keurig 150 Coffee Brewer

Small Medium Office

(15 - 30 employees)

Keurig K3000SE Coffee Brewer

Large Office

(30 or more employees)

Keurig Eccellenza Touch Bean-To-Cup Single Cup Coffee Brewer

Large Office

(75 or more employees)

Keurig K130 Hospitality Coffee Brewer


(In-room Use)


Light Roast

Light-bodied, higher caffeine content. Bright, citrus aromas and clean acidity.

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Medium Roast

Lower acidity resulting in higher body. Warm, chocolate notes.

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Dark Roast

Flavours influenced by Roast Master’s skill. Natural caramel sweetness and minimal acidity.

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Keurig® Recyclable
K-Cup® Pods

Keurig’s goal is to have 100% of their K-Cup® pods recyclable by 2018. Each pod is made from polypropylene #5 plastic, a plastic that is accepted in most communities across north America.

You can now purchase one of our top sellers, Van Houtte® Original House Blend, in the new recyclable format.

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How To Recycle K-Cup® Pods


Allow pod to cool. Then, starting at puncture, peel and dispose of the lid.


Compost or discard the pod contents. Any filters can remain.


Discard the empty pod in your recycling bin.


Terracycle Recycling Program